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About Us


Teacher Maria


4's Morning Lead Teacher

& Afternoon Teacher

Teacher Aida


Morning Teacher 



Afternoon Lead Teacher

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Morning & Afternoon Teacher



Morning Teacher

Teacher Martha


Morning Teacher

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Teacher Jackie


3's Morning Lead Teacher

& Afternoon Teacher

Teacher resting on a bench with a child

Teachers' Role

Teachers create an environment that is varied, stimulating, age appropriate, multi-faceted, rich in open-ended learning opportunities, and most of all - fun!!

They closely attend to each child's individual needs and development, paying particular attention to their social and emotional learning.


Teachers help out with conflict and sharing, but as facilitators - not police. They offer guidance and supervision as needed but always give the children the opportunity to - and the praise for - working things out themselves.


Teachers model positive approaches to discipline and learning.  They help children learn to be respectful to themselves, others, and their environment.


They play with the children, talk to them, listen to them, get down on the floor with them.  They stimulate, enhance, and expand the children's plans and ideas and applaud their efforts - they don't direct the action.


They offer warm, nurturing friendship.  They work hard to develop trusting relationships with each child so that everyone feels safe and supported while at school.  They are always ready with words of encouragement and warm hugs.


Most of all, our teachers seek to provide a safe, calm, loving program where children can relax and enjoy the unhurried activities and play that they so need in this busy world. 

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